Summer Fêtes 2010

Each summer the Band is called upon to provide music for several village fêtes and similar events, whose success depends very much on the vagaries of the English weather. In previous years, Cublington Fête took place on beautiful sunny days, but this year’s on 19th June was spoilt by a chilly north easterly wind which took some members of the Band by surprise. Anyone wearing just a polo shirt and shorts got cold very quickly! But the show must go on. Despite the cooler weather a good crowd had come to enjoy the occasion, and conductor Neil Chapman and the Band provided a mix of music ranging from Mancini Magic and My Fair Lady to Thunderbirds and The Beatles.

The following day the Band went to Doddershall Park, Quainton, to play for a garden party celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Guides. The day was a little warmer and less windy, and the Band set up beside the refreshment tent to provide a similar programme to Cublington.

Then on 10th July the Band returned to Fairford Leys in Aylesbury for the Summer Fair, and this time the weather was very warm and sunny, though quite breezy. There is a bandstand in the square, but it’s quite small and it can be a bit of a squeeze to get even a small band on it. The Band was directed by deputy conductor Robert Wicks, who entertained the crowd with a similar programme to the other fêtes.

That was the last event like this for the Summer, the Band rarely takes jobs in August as at any one time many of the players are on holiday. Now though it’€™s time to start preparing for the next concert, which is the major event of the year, the Vale Park Proms on 4th September.