A New Look for the Band

If you’ve attended any of our concerts in the past, you will have seen our uniforms, which consist of green blazers with the Aylesbury Duck badge on the top pocket, and green ties. Starting with the Vale Park Proms on 4th September we will be sporting a different look. In the future the men will be wearing black dinner suits with green bow ties, and the ladies black blouses with black trousers or skirt, and a green sash.

Why are we doing this? First, the jackets are not universally popular, especially with the ladies as the style is very masculine. Secondly the jackets were made to measure some 14 years ago for the members of the band at that time. Since then many people have left and new players have arrived, who all have to make do with a jacket that may or may not fit very well. Thirdly many of the jackets are beginning to wear, especially those which have had several owners. Finally there are insufficient spare jackets to fit out new players and deps, and they are very expensive to have made (approx £150 each).

The decision to change the uniform was not made lightly, so we hope that people will embrace the change and look forward to seeing an elegant and more formal look for the band in the future.

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