Duncan Stubbs

Congratulations are due to Duncan Stubbs on his promotion to the rank of Wing Commander and appointment as Principal Director of Music for the Royal Air Force. In the light of this news, we are deeply honoured that he still wishes to continue his association with Aylesbury Concert Band. How feasible this will be remains to be seen, but we will be very disappointed if he has to give up being our Director of Music as he has done so much for the development of the Band, and is popular with the players and audiences alike. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

UPDATE 22nd January 2010: Unfortunately it can now be announced that Duncan is going to have to step down as our Director of Music. The extent of his commitments in his new post mean that he will be unable to continue coming to Aylesbury. We will not be losing touch with him entirely though, he plans to come and coach the band on our development weekend in March, and of course he will always be welcome as a guest conductor. So, the search is now on for a new Director of Music.