Stone Fête 2018

The morning of the Spring Bank holiday on 28th May was overcast and showery, which wasn’t promising for the fête that afternoon in Stone (a large village outside Aylesbury). However the day brightened, and just as the fête was officially opened the sun began to shine, and the weather stayed pleasantly warm and sunny for the rest of the afternoon. The band was shaded by a marquee, as playing in the direct heat of the sun can be as difficult as playing in wind or cold.

The Band played two sets. The first opened with a selection from My Fair Lady, followed by A Grand Day Out (the Wallace & Gromit theme). After music from South Pacific came Caravan by Duke Ellington, and the set finished with music from the Disney film Frozen.

Five band members in front of a large gorilla
Some of the woodwind with a friend.

Later the second set began with Disney at the Movies, and the sixties easy listening hit A Walk in the Black Forest by Horst Jankowski. Then after Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the set finished with music from West Side Story.

It was quite a pleasant afternoon’s music making, let’s hope the weather is as kind for the other fêtes we’ll be playing at this summer.