Derek Kirkby, 1939 – 2011

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Derek Kirkby. Having been diagnosed with leukaemia, Derek died of a heart attack before his treatment could be completed. Derek was a friendly, warm-hearted man who loved making music. He was adept at all the woodwind instruments, including the saxophones, revelling particularly in those instruments which were rarely scored (and even more rarely owned by others). He joined the band in order to play his alto clarinet, but willingly became itinerant, playing a variety of instruments wherever there was a gap which needed filling.

Although he had only been a member of Aylesbury Band for a couple of years, Derek was well known throughout Buckinghamshire musical circles, playing for shows, in bands and orchestras, and in jazz bands. Jazz was his particular enthusiasm, and he displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz and jazz musicians. His other enthusiasm was cooking, and he loved trying out new dishes on friends and family.

Thank you, Derek, we will miss you.