Aylesbury Music Centre Concert

On the evening of 25th March the Band joined forces with the Aylesbury Music Centre senior band to present a concert at the Centre’s premises. The audience of parents and friends also included several distinguished guests including Rob Butler, MP for Aylesbury, the Mayor of Aylesbury, Cllr Tim dixon and His Honour Judge Sheridan.

The Music Centre band played the first half and Aylesbury Band the second, with both bands coming together for the finale. The Music Centre band played a variety of music, including the entertaining Padstow Lifeboat by Malcolm Arnold and a challenging piece (whose title I cannot remember!) originally commissioned by an American High School Band. Aylesbury Band’s programme included an arrangement of the Beatles’ number Ticket to Ride and Country Gardens by Percy Grainger, and the finale ended with the joint bands playing The Symphonic Gershwin, an arrangement of music by George Gershwin.

As well as demonstrating the high level of musicianship fostered by the Music Centre, the teenagers themselves were excited by the experience of playing with a full size band. We hope that they will be inspired to continue playing after they leave school, whatever career path they choose. Even if only as a leisure pursuit, music is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime throughout life, and of course, as the years pass bands and orchestras will need new young talent if they are to survive and grow.