Welcome to our New Conductor

In the end we were extremely lucky to have no less than four applicants for the post of conductor, including two from within the band. Each was invited to rehearse the band for an evening and to answer questions from the members. Sadly one had to withdraw due to sudden ill health, but on 24th February in a secret ballot the band elected Neil Chapman. Neil plays bassoon in RAF Central Band, and is at the opposite end of the seniority scale to Duncan Stubbs, but he has extensive experience as a conductor and educator before joining the RAF, and has ambitions to become a Director of Music in the RAF himself. Neil was impressed by the ability of the band, and with the energy of youth on his side we are confident he will continue the good work of his predecessors Alan Mossford and Duncan Stubbs.

We have not seen the last of Duncan, though. He is keen to stay in touch with the band, and is coming to our Development Weekend, and of course, he will always be welcome as a guest conductor.